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Company Profile


Date of Establishment : 1st November 2002
Paid-up Capital : S$1,760,000
Number of Staff : 44 (as of 1st July 2015)



Toyota Tsusho Corporation (36%)
Toyota Digital Cruise (34%)
Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (10%)
Toyotsu Syscom Corporation (10%)
Toyota Communication Systems Co Ltd (10%)
Subsidiary : 1) TT Network Integration (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
2) TT Network Integration India Pvt Ltd.
3) PT. TT Network Integration Indonesia
4) TT Network Integration China
5) TT Network Integration Europe GmbH

Board of Directors


Mr. Norihito Ohigashi (Managing Director)
Mr. Soichiro Matsudaira (Director)
Mr. Hirotoshi Watanabe (Director)
Mr. Fukuo Tochikubo (Director)
Mr. Yasuo Yamamoto (Director)
Mr. Hiroshi Ohira (Director)
Mr. Kazuya Enya (Director)
Mr. Shigeharu Kato (Director)

Nature of Business

Provision of regional IT infrastructure services including network design, network implementation, systems integration, network and systems support as well as software solutions.



Established on 1 st November 2002, TT Network Integration Asia Pte Ltd (TTNI) is a joint venture of Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC), Toyota Digital Cruise Inc. (TDC) and Toyota Tsusho (Singapore) Pte Ltd (TTSPL).

At this initial stage, TTNI’s main focus is on improving and supporting the existing IT infrastructure of the Toyota Group.


With the launch of Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC) Integrated Multi-purpose Vehicle (IMV), TTNI has played a vital role in complementing its manufacturing presence in Asia. With the implementation of IMV, exchanges among automotive-related companies in the region grew rapidly. Hence, TTNI has immense opportunities to build up a sound IT infrastructure to support such communication networks.

At the same time, TTNI also worked closely with a telecommunications company, tapping on its Internet Protocol-Virtual Private Network, to develop the communications backbone for TMC.


TTNI worked to improve the IT infrastructure of TMC’s affiliates (both LAN and WAN) for launching of the IMV project in August 2004. The area of coverage includes not only the Asia-Pacific regions but has also extended to South America and South Africa.

2005 to Present

TTNI started the data centre business to respond to the rapidly growing and changing IT and network requirements. With data centre, we can expect a reliable and world-class IT infrastructure for our clients that will be more cost-effective and therefore will enhance TTNI’s competitiveness in the market.

To undertake further expansion of regional IT infrastructure, TTNI will continue to strengthen its capabilities in Singapore by forming a highly professional IT team for the provision of high quality IT services.

Organisational Chart

Please click here to view the organisational chart.

ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental)

TT Network Integration Asia Pte Ltd will maintain an Environmental System in compliance with the requirement of ISO 14001. Please click here to view the ISO certificate attained.

As good corporate citizens, we will carry out our business activities in consideration of the Earth’s environment, constantly aiming to preserve our natural surroundings, conserve energy, and recycle resources. In addition, we will take every step to ensure that our activities do not pollute the environment.

In collaboration with our customers and associated companies, we will seek to make practical use of industrial waste, actively promoting environmental-related business, such as resource conservation. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to realization of a recycling-based economy.

In our business activities, we will observe all environmental – related laws and regulations and industry standards with which we fully concur, and any other requirements.

We will establish an environmental management system to implement and constantly evaluate our environmental protection activities, and will demonstrate creativity in targeting continuous improvement in all environmental endeavors.

Through internal education programmes, we will promote a thorough understanding of our environmental policy, thereby raising the environmental awareness of our entire staff.


  Nature of Business
  Organisational Chart
  ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental)


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